14 of the Best-Dressed Dogs This Halloween

Halloween is one of the best times to play dress up, try out intricate makeup looks, and pretend to be someone else. But you know what’s even better than seeing a bunch of your friends all tricked out? Dogs. Dogs in costumes just don’t get old.

So, if you’re like us and can’t get enough of a dog wearing a hat or sporting a button-up, scroll down for some of the cutest, funniest, and spookiest pups we’ve spotted this year.

Psst: Did you dress your dog up or spot a winning costume in the wild? Share your photos in the comments below! 

1. This Burger-Slinging Shiba 

Hi, yes—I’ll take one double-double, animal style. And an order of animal-style fries. Okay, and a burger for you, too.


2. The Best Regina George You’ll Ever See

So. Fetch.


3. The Cutest Little Cousin Itt 

We see you trying not to smile, Wednesday. 😎


4. We’re Not Even Sure There’s a Dog Here… 

…but we’d sure like to snuggle up with all those teddy bears.


5. Sandy and Danny Going for a Drive (or Fly)

TBH, we like to pretend that very last scene didn’t happen.



6. The Most Hipster-Looking Lumberjack 

Are you chopping trees or brewing beer, lil’ guy?


7. A Couple of Step Bros 

Did we just become best friends? YUP.

8. This Slightly Terrifying Chucky Dog

Oh, the terror! Or should we say, terrier?


9. These Space Adventurers 

You’ve got a friend in me—and everyone who sees this photo.


10. The Happiest Dood in All the Land

Happy doods = happy trees.


11. This Spooky Invalid 

How dare someone hurt you with those sweet, puppydog eyes?


12. The Grouchiest Garbage Pup

His grumpy little face just adds that special je ne sais quoi.


13. This Dead-On Garth Impersonator 

Party on, dood. Party on.


14. Woof Bader Ginsberg

The Notorious WBG.


Kaitlin Willow

Kaitlin is Founder and Editor in Chief of The Vim. She works for Dermstore during the day and writes novels and short stories in the evenings. She lives in Long Beach, California with the coolest dog in the world, Benny. (Find him on Instagram: @bennythejetsetter)


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