8 Products and Resources New Moms Swear By

mom's hand holding tiny baby feet

Moms and babies need a lot of things—some more obvious than others. We know about the necessary ones like diapers and onesies (but until you’ve been there, you don’t know just how many of these you’ll go through and how quickly you go through sizes). But what about the oh-I-never-thought-of-those things or the what-did-I-ever-do-without-this inventions?

If you’re not sure what to gift a new mom or you’re making a list in preparation for your own little one, these are the products with the mom stamp of approval. (Psst: This article contains some affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if you purchase something we recommend.)

nosefrida device
Amazon / NoseFrida

1. A Snot-Sucking Device for Tiny Stuffy Noses

The NoseFrida is one of those don’t-knock-it-until-you-try-it devices. It looks gross. The idea sounds even grosser. But any mom who’s used it will assure you it’s a lifesaver. “They come with filters to prevent anything from going up the tube and into your mouth,” says Jackie C. “99% of the time, anything sucked out of the kid doesn’t even hit the filter (in my experiences anyways).”

Get the NoseFrida from Amazon

pyio piyo baby nail scissors
Amazon / Piyo Piyo

2. Nail Scissors for Sharp Little Fingers

Have you ever tried to trim your dog’s nails? Babies’ nails might be worse than that (although, thankfully, they won’t try to bite you as you’re doing it). “A good pair of nail scissors because new born nails have to be clipped all the time and are the devil,” says KK. “These are my favorite newborn nail scissors, because a regular clipper is just way to big at first! I had these and never clipped her skin.”

Shop Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors on Amazon

snap kitchen steak and green beans meal
Snap Kitchen

3. Some Yummy, Pre-Made Meals for Mom

Whether you whip up some meals in your own kitchen or treat a new mom to a delivery service, taking the act of cooking (and cleaning up) off her plate will be a much-welcomed gift.

If you know a mom in Texas or Philadelphia, we recommend Snap Kitchen, which lets you order a combination of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and small plates. Get $20 off your first order with code SNP-2482.

Another great option is Home Bistro, which ships prepared meals across the US. Take 5% off your first order with this link.

dockatot baby sleeper
Amazon / DockATot

4. A Lounger for Safe Co-Sleeping or Resting

This all-in-one baby lounger offers a safe, cozy, and secure place for baby to sleep. It can be used for resting, lounging, playing, cuddling, tummy time, and diaper changes. “When all else failed, [my daughter] would sleep in between us in it,” says Amber W. “Helped get us some extra sleep.”

Get the DockATot from Amazon

erbaviva nursing balm
Nordstrom / Erbaviva

5. Nipple Pads or Cream for the Nursing Momma

It doesn’t get talked about enough, but nursing can take a huge toll on the body—starting with dry, cracked, chafing nipples. Many of the moms we heard from recommended gifting something to soothe and heal a mom’s nipples.

Erbaviva Nursing Balm‘s all-organic formula can be used as often as needed and doesn’t need to be rinsed off prior to feeding. Get it from Nordstrom.

baby in diaper
Amazon / Mama Bear

6. Diapers on Diapers on Diapers

“I’m not a mom,” says Susan, “but so many of my friends have said that one of the best gifts they’ve gotten is diapers. Seems almost too simple but you go through SO MANY that it’s a huge relief to get help with that.”

“100% diapers in ALL the sizes,” says mom Erin. “Because when they wake up a size bigger and you have nothing on hand, that shit is everywhere. Literally.” If you can, see which size your mom friend has fewer of and pick up a big box of them for her. Nothing worse than having an abundance of one size and none of another.

Shop diapers of all types and sizes on Amazon

baby bottle

7. A Postpartum Nurse or Doula

Many moms agree that a trained expert can be a huge help for a new mom as she adjusts to her new role. Postpartum nurses and doulas can help provide emotional support, assist with tasks like laundry or meal preparation, offer guidance when it comes to breastfeeding or bottle feeding, and much more.

Find a postpartum doula

moby baby wrap sling
Nordstrom / MOBY

8. An Ergonomic Baby Carrier/Wrap

An ergo carrier “allowed me to get things done around the house and get some rest,” says Ashley E. A handful of other moms wholeheartedly agree, including Lizzy, who says, “I use it daily for walking my dog, being out and about with friends, house chores, and everything in between.”

Get the ERGObaby wrap or the MOBY wrap (pictured) from Nordstrom

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