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Becoming Your Own Biggest Fan: 7 Steps to Find Self-Love

It’s hard to stay out of that comparison trap we often find ourselves in. We see what others have and want to measure ourselves against something unrealistic. We often hear the internal…

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You’re the Only One Responsible for Loving Your Body

Just like most females, I’ve dealt with my fair share of insecurities and body image issues. It started pretty early, when a boy (I’ll never forget your name, Brett) called me a…


Don’t Call Me Pretty: The Hashtag with a Positive Agenda

Call me smart. Call me funny. Call me resilient. Strong. Passionate. Accomplished. Driven. Unique. Valued. But don’t call me pretty. How many of us were clothed in frilly dresses and called pretty…

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What is Hypnotherapy, and What is it Actually Used for?

Hypnosis isn’t a cheap party trick or a tool used to coerce people into doing things they wouldn’t normally do. 2017’s satirical thriller Get Out paints a pretty terrifying picture of hypnosis—involving (spoiler…

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