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7 Essential Oil Blends to Diffuse Based on Your Mood

Did you know that diffusing essential oils can help with certain moods and mindsets? Aromatherapy, or essential oil therapy, holistically improves the body, state of mind, and enhances emotional health by inhaling (or…

grinding herbs with mortar and pestle

5 Stress-Busting Herbs (That Are Legal Everywhere)

With the surrounding controversy and safety concerns of the now-popular CBD oil products, you may be wondering what supplements you can take instead to help combat anxiety and manage day-to-day stress. Luckily,…

leigh maneri tarot reading

How One Tarot Reading Changed My Outlook for 2019

In December, as I started thoughtfully considering what I wanted the next year to be, I knew I wanted it to be different, and knew it was also going to be challenging.…

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Becoming Your Own Biggest Fan: 7 Steps to Find Self-Love

It’s hard to stay out of that comparison trap we often find ourselves in. We see what others have and want to measure ourselves against something unrealistic. We often hear the internal…

get out tea hypnosis

What is Hypnotherapy, and What is it Actually Used for?

Hypnosis isn’t a cheap party trick or a tool used to coerce people into doing things they wouldn’t normally do. 2017’s satirical thriller Get Out paints a pretty terrifying picture of hypnosis—involving (spoiler…

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The 3 Mantras That Help Me Stay Happy at Work

“Why are you so happy all the time?” This question comes up a lot while I’m at work, from people that have just met me, to people that have known me for months…

reiki energy healing featured photo

What is Reiki Energy Healing, and How Does it Work?

A year ago, I’d never even heard of Reiki energy healing. Over the past six months, this ancient practice has made its way into my life through podcast mentions, friend’s testimonials, social…

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