Women’s Health

woman with eyes closed moaning

3 Steps to a Mind-Blowing Orgasm

I couldn’t stop screaming as waves of pleasure ripped through my body. The orgasms kept coming until I melted into complete ecstasy. With the few thoughts I could muster I wondered, “How…


Don’t Call Me Pretty: The Hashtag with a Positive Agenda

Call me smart. Call me funny. Call me resilient. Strong. Passionate. Accomplished. Driven. Unique. Valued. But don’t call me pretty. How many of us were clothed in frilly dresses and called pretty…

coach carr mean girls

Let’s Talk About Comprehensive Sex Education

Let’s talk about sex [education]. In a time where consent has to be explained to grown adults and getting tested still seems so dirty (please get tested; it’s so important), it’s obvious…

woman holding a hot water bottle to her abdomen

10 Signs Your Hormones Are Probably Out of Whack

Over time, we’ve sort of normalized awful periods. We accept that our bodies are going to try to murder us once a month—that the horrendous cramps and mood swings and headaches are…


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