piggy bank with money sticking out

This is Why We Need to Talk About Money

Welcome to 2019, where virtually no topic is off limits. We openly chat (or debate) with our friends, family members, coworkers, and social media followers about politics, gender identity, drugs, politics, you…

woman looking at lake

4 Lessons I Learned When Traveling Solo for My 30th Birthday

Celebrating long weekends with friends becomes tougher and tougher every year. Life’s responsibilities seem to push their way in—like putting in long hours at work and missing milestones and opportunities because “who…

megan kiger and her dad in the '90s

Grief: The Nightmare That Changes Everything

It was a little over a year ago when I registered for a creative writing class studying the craft behind writing a memoir. I’d never really thought about writing a memoir. Fiction…

woman on cell phone

Why Bad Dates are Actually a Good Thing

If you’re out there in the dating world, chances are you’ve been on a bad (or lukewarm) date. If you’re living the swipe life, you’ve probably been on quite a few. I…

mom with two kids on couch with ipad

6 Reasons Why Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

A little over a decade ago, I quit the corporate job I loved to start my own business. Many people thought I was crazy to throw away the 15-year career I’d worked…

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