mom with two kids on couch with ipad

6 Reasons Why Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

A little over a decade ago, I quit the corporate job I loved to start my own business. Many people thought I was crazy to throw away the 15-year career I’d worked…

girlboss pen on top of stack of notebooks

How to Get What You Want at Work

When you’re at happy hour with your friends, it’s not uncommon to hear these work gripes: I don’t feel like I’m being paid what I deserve, I haven’t gotten the promotion I…

pretty home office setup

The 3 Mantras That Help Me Stay Happy at Work

“Why are you so happy all the time?” This question comes up a lot while I’m at work, from people that have just met me, to people that have known me for months…

kathryn reina headshot

Finding a Niche in the Intersection of Art and Technology

Without web designers and developers, our websites would be bare-boned, half-functional, boring, confusing, you get the point… The talented people who fill these roles bring the web to life through a combination…

woman working on a laptop at home

How to Stay Sane When You’re Working From Home

Working from home is as amazing as you think it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You—and only you—are in charge of the day. There’s no one telling you what to…


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