girl playing with french bulldog at park

These are the 10 People You’ll Meet at the Dog Park

Since becoming a dog mom, I’ve become a frequent dog-park-goer with my little guy, Benny. And, while I spend most of my time simply watching him play and smiling (the dog park…

sleeping frenchie puppy in womans arms

10 Things No One Tells You About Raising a Puppy

It’s puppy season! That’s not actually a thing (unfortunately), but with the new year upon us and goals to get more active, what better way than to open your heart to a…

dog in lumberjack halloween costume

14 of the Best-Dressed Dogs This Halloween

Halloween is one of the best times to play dress up, try out intricate makeup looks, and pretend to be someone else. But you know what’s even better than seeing a bunch…


8 Ways Having a Dog Makes Your Life Better

Right now, my dog is balancing on his hind legs, barking at a piece of bacon on the kitchen counter—drowning out the sound of the TV. Earlier today, I caught him chewing…


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