How One Tarot Reading Changed My Outlook for 2019

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In December, as I started thoughtfully considering what I wanted the next year to be, I knew I wanted it to be different, and knew it was also going to be challenging. I saw a post from a friend from Instagram where she talked about her New Year tarot card reading that she got and how it really focused her on what she hoped to accomplish. I thought that was a great idea and asked Leigh Maneri, an awesome life coach who also specializes in tarot, to see if she would do a New Year reading for me.

My reading included one journaling prompt for each month, my card for the month, and a description of what my card represented. I’ve used each month’s card and reading as the focal point of my month, and it’s changed my view on each month in a few ways.

I’ve stayed focused on big-picture goals.

My reading focused a lot on changes and stepping into who you really are. As I’ve made decisions regarding my career and life, I have kept these ideas in mind. I started a new business and I am about to start a new role at my current company. It was hard to do both, but the reading and journaling I had done for the month helped me to keep in mind what I really wanted.

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It’s helped me not sweat the small stuff.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed thinking about a full year, but focusing on the card for each month has helped me live more in the present and only really think about the goals for that month and the month ahead. When I think about parts of my life that are not where I want them to be, I acknowledge that this is where they are and, instead of dwelling, work on how to move forward. Thinking about the year from month to month, with each month having a different focus, makes every month feel new and exciting like January was.

It’s reinvigorated me and helped me prioritize my self-care.

Knowing that I wanted to make a lot of big changes, and that they would be the focal point of my year helped me to remember to set aside time for self-care. It’s not overly ambitious, but I do try to meditate once a week and do yoga a few times a month and have managed to keep to the schedule so far. I also anticipate going on at least one yoga retreat this year. Where in the past my goals have always been away from this space, it’s been good to consider my self-care going into the new year.

It’s never too late to set annual intentions. You can start now and have your reading be from this year to the next. Even though it’s only two months in, I can already see the effect it’s had on my year, and I’ve already gone way past the January 12th mark, where most New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned. After my first experience with a New Year tarot reading, I’ll definitely be doing it again next year.  

Janet Gonzales

Janet is a grant writer, figure skater, and endless traveler. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband Blake and dog Lagniappe. Connect on LinkedIn


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