Why Sedona is the Perfect Girls’ Trip Destination

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Whenever I think about starting off the New Year, I do my best to try to go somewhere to help me feel true gratitude for the past year, and plan for the year ahead. My all-time favorite place for feeling both mindful and centered is Sedona, Arizona.

One of my best friends lives there, the scenery is beautiful, and just the ethereal feeling that just permeates the city really is unmatched. Since my first time visiting I have gone back a few more times, and Sedona has become a really special place for me. Here are some of the city’s characteristics that make it a great girls’ trip destination.

Chakra Balancing, Readings, and Spiritual Gifts at Mystical Bazaar

Mystical Bazaar is definitely one of my all-time favorite parts of visiting Sedona. It started out just as friends wanting to try something new, but ever since then, I’ve made it a point to visit Mystical Bazaar while I am out there. The healers and light-workers there are so thoughtful and you can tell they have true empathy for you and interest in helping you in any way they can, no matter where you are in your journey. The store itself has crystals, chakra balancers, and any spiritual gift you can think of. When I go, it’s often at the beginning of the trip, because it really helps set the tone for the trip and bring calmness to all of us.

Finding Centers of Mindfulness Everywhere

I love visiting places that help me to feel calmer and more centered, and Sedona is full of them. The Cathedral Rock Trail and Bell Trail in Sedona were two of my favorite hikes there, and both have a true aura of peacefulness. The Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park in Sedona just exudes serenity and there is so much space to meditate and be still. There are other vortex locations scattered throughout Sedona as well, but these are my favorites.

Unique Lodging and a Yoga Seeker’s Paradise

I’ve spent my last couple trips at the Amara Resort and Spa, and I do not think I’ll ever change this. I love the on-site yoga that they have there, the s’mores and fire pit at night, and the staff that really make it feel like home. There are endless resorts in Sedona with beautiful views, and the ambiance at each is a little bit different.

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The same can be said about the yoga experiences there. For a more active experience, often there are tours where you can hike and do yoga in the vortex areas. Surya Sedona Yoga and Hiking is one of the favorites for this.

My favorite yoga studios in the area, though, are definitely 7 Centers and Aumbase. 7 Centers is tucked away in more of a residential area in Sedona, but the slow flow class there is a real calming experience and the energy that the instructors bring really is incredible. Aumbase has incredible yoga classes, but also offers events outside of the yoga studio, like Meditation on Mondays and Yoga on a Vortex. While visiting with friends, it was great to attend yoga classes and really leave feeling refreshed and with the incredible energy that Sedona brings.

Fun and Light Excursions for Everyone

If chakra balancing and healing aren’t your thing, there are Pink Jeep Tours, ghost tours, and vortex tours. There are kayaking, white water rafting and hiking for those who are more interested in active exploration. There are even wineries nearby if your group wants to integrate wine tours in. Visiting with different friends with varied interests has made Sedona different for me every time, just because of all the activities that are around.   

Sedona really is an incredible girls’ trip because of all that it has to offer. For me, it’s a calm place that helps me to feel centered. Whenever I hike there, the energy really is unmatched and the whole city just exudes calmness. I spend a lot of time contemplating for the year ahead, while still keeping the previous year in mind, all while having a great time with my friends and sharing our ideas together. It’s like being on a yoga retreat, but you’re with all your best friends. I can’t wait for next year; I’m already planning to go early.  

Janet Gonzales

Janet is a grant writer, figure skater, and endless traveler. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband Blake and dog Lagniappe. Connect on LinkedIn


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