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Sun Basket believes “food should taste good first, and do good always.” They are committed to becoming a 100% organic food provider, and they’re well on the way with 99% of their produce currently certified organic. Sun Basket is also a USDA-certified organic handler, clearly labeling their ingredients on delivery. On the rare occasion that they are unable to source organic ingredients for a recipe, they’ll leave a note in your box.

Catering to all types of diets, Sun Basket lets you choose from 18 different recipes each week—including paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and diabetes-friendly options.

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I chose the Chef’s Choice option, which “features hand-picked recipes, highlighting peak seasonal produce, top-quality meats and seafood, and unique housemade sauces.” My first box would include three meals with two servings each.

Recipe #1: Chicken Pozole Verde with Tomatillos and Green Chiles

sun basket chicken pozole ingredients

This was a completely new recipe idea for me. I’d heard of pozole before, but all I knew was that it was a type of soup/stew. One of pozole’s key ingredients is hominy, which is made from whole dried corn kernels that undergo a soaking/washing process that improves their nutritional value.

sun basket chicken pozole

The finished product reminded me a lot of the white chicken chili my mom makes. Only, instead of hominy, the chili calls for beans; and instead of tomatillos, it uses green chilis and chicken broth.

I would have liked a little bit more spice (maybe another jalapeño or two), and I should have gone a little heavier on the salt as well. I also found that I preferred the taste without a squeeze of lime, as the tomatillos lended a somewhat-tart note already.

Overall, though, the pozole was light, yet savory, and I scraped the bowl clean. The recipe said two servings, but I ended up getting nearly four out of it. Not a bad deal!

Verdict: 3.5/5

Recipe #2: Quinoa and Black Bean Tacos with Cabbage Slaw

sun basket quinoa and black bean tacos

I’m not a vegan or vegetarian, but I appreciate that Sun Basket offers meals that cater to both of these diets. I tried the quinoa and black bean tacos, which could easily be made vegan without the queso fresco, to get a taste for their meatless options.

sun basket quinoa black bean tacos

I had higher hopes for these tacos—and, unfortunately, they just didn’t do it for me. The quinoa, a bland ingredient on its own, somehow overpowered the rest of the fillings. The pickled cabbage didn’t really add anything to the tacos, other than a bit of a crunch. And I would have liked to see more vegetables as a whole. The shallots and roasted red peppers were barely noticeable against the quinoa and beans.

Verdict: 2/5

Recipe #3: Pan-Seared Steak with Chimichurri and Citrus-Walnut Salad

sun basket pan seared steak ingredients

This was definitely the quickest of the recipes. Dry and season the steak, cook for a few minutes on each side, and top with the pre-made chimichurri sauce. Make a salad from the arugula, citrus, and walnuts, and dress. Steak is one of my specialties, so I had no reservations about the dish turning out well.

sun basket steak with chimichurri

A perfect medium rare; juicy, tender slices; and a delicious sauce to finish. The steak was delightful. I think this was my first time trying chimichurri, and I wasn’t disappointed. It was similar to pesto, but with a slightly tangy taste.

The salad, however, missed the mark for me. I liked the combo of greens, tangerines, and walnuts, but I would have preferred something other than arugula. (Note: The featured image on the site pictured a romaine-based salad, and the recipe, itself, said, “Arugula or other leafy greens” so I may have liked it better had I received an alternative.) The dressing—a cinnamon vinaigrette, which needed to be mixed with olive oil—wasn’t my cup of tea either.

One more thing to note: Since I was making these recipes for one, I saved the extra servings for leftovers. The steak is really meant to be eaten right away and doesn’t taste as great or melt in your mouth the second time around.

Verdict: 4/5 (-1 for the salad)


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