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essential oil bottles

7 Essential Oil Blends to Diffuse Based on Your Mood

Did you know that diffusing essential oils can help with certain moods and mindsets? Aromatherapy, or essential oil therapy, holistically improves the body, state of mind, and enhances emotional health by inhaling (or…

grinding herbs with mortar and pestle

5 Stress-Busting Herbs (That Are Legal Everywhere)

With the surrounding controversy and safety concerns of the now-popular CBD oil products, you may be wondering what supplements you can take instead to help combat anxiety and manage day-to-day stress. Luckily,…

woman holding hands up to her neck

10 Holiday Gifts for the Stressed-Out Person in Your Life

Need help shopping for the anxious, stressed-out, or overwhelmed person in your life? Let’s make your gift-giving experience a—dare we say—stress-free one with these top picks. Curated and loved by fellow anxious…

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