Top 10 Reasons We’re Obsessed with the Ladies of Schitt’s Creek

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Schitt’s Creek is one of the funniest shows on television today, and it’s no wonder why it gained an instant cult following after hitting Netflix. The Roses are a rich family who lose everything aside from a small town bought as a joke, and they’re forced to learn how to deal with their new environment and way of life. It’s like a spoof on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, only funnier and with more heart, packed with one-liners and direction from the comedic genius father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy.

But what we’re most obsessed with are the ladies of Schitt’s Creek. Matriarch Moira Rose, her daughter Alexis, and receptionist of the Schitt’s Creek Motel Stevie Budd are all incredibly unique characters who bring different things to the show, making it well worth watching. Here are some of the reasons why we love them so much.

1. Moira’s Wigs

Moira Rose isn’t happy with just one look. She’ll leave a room and come back with a completely new hairstyle—or hair color—thanks to her assortment of wigs to match every mood or occasion. Her wigs are like her babies, and she loves them so much that she even names them.

2.  “Ew David!”

Somehow, Alexis turned her brother’s name into her own personal catchphrase. It never stops being funny, which is good because she uses his name an absurd amount.

3. Stevie’s Sarcasm

Stevie’s dry, sarcastic wit is a stark contrast to the Roses’ constant over-the-top dramatic behavior. She’s the foil to Alexis, but just as funny.

Function of Beauty

4 What is Alexis even doing with her arms?

Actress Annie Murphy has described it as “a T-Rex playing a piano in an old-timey saloon.” Not unlike her mother, Alexis presents herself so she stands out from everyone around her, but in an almost cartoonish way.

5. Moira’s Wardrobe

The ever-changing hairstyles aren’t the only defining feature of Moira Rose’s presentation to the world. She wears only black and white outfits, but of the most extravagant kind, making sure all eyes are on her when she enters any room.

6. They’re all comfortable as sexual beings.

Stevie was part of a throuple. Moira still discusses having sex with her husband despite their full-grown children living in the next room. Alexis casually mentions her first kiss with Jared Leto or bribing a Thai drug lord with sex as if it’s perfectly natural in everyday conversation. None of the ladies are afraid of what anyone else thinks of them when it comes to their sex lives, and if anything, they’re proud and they own it.

7. Stevie pretty much single-handedly runs the motel.

Stevie’s the boss babe that doesn’t realize she’s a boss babe. She might be overworked, but the Schitt’s Creek Motel—later renamed the Rosebud Motel—quite literally couldn’t survive without her. She was even responsible for securing a good review from a prominent travel blogger, thanks to her charms.

8. Moira’s Accent

Two syllables often become seven, and sometimes actress Catherine O’Hara isn’t even sure how Moira’s words are going to come out. She’s a “world traveler” who’s picked up different bits of accents along the way, creating her own ridiculous style of speech unlike anyone else. Is this what rich women sound like? According to Moira it is.

9. Alexis’s Journey to Become a Boss Babe

Alexis went from a spoiled rich girl without a high school diploma to a boss babe running her own one-woman PR company. She’s grown more than anyone else in Schitt’s Creek and shows no signs of slowing down. She even discovered the importance of meaningful connections over superficial relationships, like when she once dated a man solely for his beard.

10. Moira’s Unstoppable Determination

Whether it’s to one day leave Schitt’s Creek and be rich again, or to make a terribly written script about crows into a successful film, there’s definitely something to be said of Moira’s determination and ability to stay hopeful in bad situations, making them work to her advantage rather than defeating her. She’s the queen no matter where she is and she isn’t afraid to let everyone around her know.

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