Meet Our Authors

Kaitlin Willow

Kaitlin is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Vim. She works for Dermstore during the day and writes novels and short stories in the evenings. She lives in Los Angeles with the coolest dog in the world, Benny. (Find him on Instagram: @bennythejetsetter)

Leigh Maneri

Leigh is a brand strategist by day and self strategist by night—a seeker and teacher of transformation, from personal and professional growth to spirituality and conscious connection. She lives by the sea in Los Angeles, pedals her beach cruiser to the office and plays mom to a scrappy dog named Ellie.

Stephanie Capretta

Stephanie is a lead account manager at a food tech company, but has always had a passion for creative writing and music. In her spare time, you’ll find Stephanie conquering her fear of singing in public, reading a psychology book, doing some form of arts and crafts, or adventuring with her boyfriend and their husky, Slater.

Kaleigh Laurino

Kaleigh Laurino is a full-time freelance copywriter based in Long Beach, California. She builds content strategies, online articles, and a variety of web-based copy for businesses of all sizes. When she’s not typing away on her laptop, you can find her chasing the best music around Los Angeles or plotting her next trip.

Robin Fox

Robin is a student at the University of Colorado, Boulder, studying Journalism and Photography. She is a freelance photographer with a passion for all things outdoors. She is an adventurer, lover of all things unusual, and has the annoying habit of petting every dog she sees.

Diane Won

Diane's priority is as a Legal Studies student at UC Berkeley. Even so, Diane is a Cali native and foodie who enjoys hiking, traveling, running, reading, and best of all, writing in her downtime. Diane writes for mxdwn, an entertainment publication online, in addition to The Vim.

Janet Gonzales

Janet is a grant writer, figure skater, and endless traveler. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband Blake and dog Lagniappe.

Kaleena Stroud

Kaleena is a California-native Health, Travel and Lifestyle Writer based in Barcelona. After a full day of writing for clients and documenting her own experiences abroad, she leaves time for a jog along the seaside and Spanish tapas. In that order.

Seyka Mejeur

Seyka is a world traveler, vegan foodie and chef, and perpetually pursuing missions for the sake of goodness. Seyka is a published academic author in Psychology Today and the American Journal of Stress. Seyka calls Campbell, CA home base—where she lives with her wonderful husband.

Michaela Meehan

Michaela is an inherently curious adventurer and professional good-time haver. She's passionate about exploring new places, making meaningful connections, crafting stories, and finding answers to consumer problems. When she's not writing, you can find her dancing to her favorite music or stretching in a hot yoga class.

Ariel Kozicki

Ariel Kozicki is a Senior SEO Manager and lover of all things marketing. When she’s not tinkering with HTML, she enjoys writing blogs. A crazy cat lady at heart, she’ll frequently be found curled up with a good book and a furry friend. You might also find Ariel running on the beach or scouring the internet for plane tickets and her next adventure.

Janelle Ranck

Janelle lives outside of Annapolis with her husband and her main man, Murphy 🐶. When she’s not planning her next meal, she enjoys perfecting her homemade margaritas, attempting yoga inversions, and basking in the sun. One time, in undergrad, she minored in English.

Giulia Traverso

Breaking Thirty is a blog for young women in their late twenties and early thirties who aren't the adult they expected to be and still have to figure out most things in life. Behind Breaking Thirty, there is Giulia Traverso, a 28-year-old Italian gal living in Germany, where she’s about to finish a PhD in cryptography and computer security. She is passionate about fitness, wellness, self-improvement, living with purpose and writing about all of the above topics with irony and laughter.

Yessica Reedy

Yessica Reedy is a multi-ethnic single mother of 3 in Los Angeles. She holds a BA in English but works in Finance. She is the voice behind and author of Memoirs of a Warrior Dragon Slayer: There's Room for More.

Lindsay Marshall

Lindsay's moved cross-country three times in the past five years, now a New Yorker but never sure if it's the last stop. She constantly chases stories to tell, whether she's following a band on tour, planning last-minute trips to Europe, or learning how to swing dance.

Taeli Reistad

Taeli has an arts, business, and strategy background and is the creator of Attention to Detail Blog. She is a world traveler, professional, art & design lover & do-er, and a self-proclaimed foodie. She’s passionate about wellness, self-care, creativity, and exploring new experiences, places, and spaces. When she’s not tending to her professional life, you can find her writing, watching rom-coms, camped out in a nearby sauna, or planning her next adventure.

Dacia Patterson

Dacia is a flight attendant for a major airline—a dream job that lets her travel the world and meet interesting people all the time. She hopes to command a room like Mrs. Maisel with stand-up comedy one day. Dacia’s favorite things include SF Giants baseball, country music concerts, and playing with her dog, Shelby.

Kirsten Keach

Kirsten May Keach is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Online Sex & Relationship Coach based in Orlando, Florida. It is her mission to empower women to have extraordinary sex and soul-loving relationships.

Joann Row

Joann Row is a Los Angeles native who's passionate about animals, world travel and storytelling. She works as a copy professional in West Hollywood and lives with her cohab and their two wonderful dogs in Westwood. In her downtime, you can find her volunteering at the animal shelter or enjoying a glass (or three) of red wine and watching sitcom re-runs with her pups and 14 plants. Connect on LinkedIn:

Melitta Campbell

Melitta is a Business Coach and Mentor with a passion for helping women confidently build a business they love. Originally from Wales, she now lives in a chalet overlooking the Swiss-Alps with her two daughters and husband. Get her free eBook "How to build a business around a family" here: