4 Benefits of Having a Girl Tribe in Your Life

Growing up with a brother and a single dad, I was the only female in the household most of the time. I had to learn pretty quickly how to socialize with boys because, quite frankly, it was necessary to stay sane. Although I had a group of great girlfriends, I more easily got along with the boys at school because it felt so natural and more like home. Did I enjoy being one of the boys, playing sports, and learning how to burp my own name? Of course, but I didn’t realize until much later in life how vitally important having a girl tribe is.

Until I found my girl tribe, I struggled with knowing my own worth, seeing my own beauty, and embracing my femininity. Once I surrounded myself with inspiring women who were aligned with their purpose, I found myself feeling increasingly more comfortable in my own skin. I learned pretty quickly how powerful we are as individuals and how magical it can be when we come together with love and without judgement.

So, what is a girl tribe? A girl tribe is a group of women, supporting one another through thick and thin. This tribe not only holds the space to empower and inspire those within it, but also provides solace when times get tough. Whether you are looking for your girl tribe, in the process of creating one, or just want to appreciate the one you’ve got—here are the top four benefits of having a girl tribe in your life.

1. You have a built-in support system.

It’s a basic human need to feel heard and like we belong to something. Girl tribes ensure that we never feel alone. Going through a breakup? Your girl tribe will cry with you and be present with you through the healing. Starting a new business? Say hello to your first few customers. No matter what, your girl tribe can always be turned to for that undeniable support. On the flip side, it feels great to be a part of that support system when one of your girls needs it.

2. You’re held accountable.

Honest feedback isn’t the easiest thing to receive when it’s constructive, but it’s one of the best gifts you receive from having a girl tribe. When a friend calls you out for something, it shows how much they care about your success and helps to build trust within your tribe. Being held accountable for your actions helps to fine-tune your life and become your absolute best self. At the end of the day, we’re all trying to be the best versions of ourselves. Why not lend an honest, helping hand?

3. Your confidence will grow.

Being a part of a girl tribe is like being in a room full of mirrors. Slowly but surely, you’ll start to see the magic in yourself that your sisters already see in you. You’ll also be able to shine light on the darker sides of yourself, like bad habits or insecurities, that you may have not noticed without the help of your tribe. This internal work allows more space for self-love and confidence. The more self aware we are, the happier we become.

4. You meet new friends.

Let’s be honest: making new girlfriends is pretty hard as an adult. Luckily, your girl tribe will open up some pretty beautiful opportunities. The positive energy created within your girl tribe will naturally spread to the outside world and bring in more light. You’ll notice that the longer you are part of a girl tribe, the more inspiring and positive people you’ll welcome into your life.

Stephanie Capretta

Stephanie is a lead account manager at a food tech company, but has always had a passion for creative writing and music. In her spare time, you’ll find Stephanie conquering her fear of singing in public, reading a psychology book, doing some form of arts and crafts, or adventuring with her boyfriend and their husky, Slater.


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